VIDEO: Surfing Powerful River Waves In The Landlocked Country Of Zambia

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In this latest episode of The Journey, in association with Zigzag (South Africa’s core surfing magazine), a team of intrepid South African surfers go on an epic overland adventure to Zambia, a landlocked country thousands of kilometres away from the nearest ocean, to surf a rare and powerful standing wave on the mighty Zambezi River. This is a tale of extreme adventure…

With surfboards strapped to the roof of a first-generation Toyota Fortuner, the crew including talented surfers, Koby Oberholzer and ex-World Championship Tour campaigner, Royden Bryson, set off from Durban on an unorthodox surf trip that would take them across South Africa, Botswana and finally, Zambia, covering well over 6 000 km’s on this journey…

After countless hours of driving, the crew finally reached the Zambezi River, which was crossed on an industrial barge ferry and made their way to Livingstone where the team stood in awe of the magnificent Victoria Falls.

The Zambezi River is wild and home to large crocodiles and hippos, not a place for surfers to be dipping their toes… The elusive standing wave on the Zambezi River is a rare phenomenon that hardly ever breaks, but when it does, it’s raw, powerful and laced with danger.

Armed with life vests, helmets and Nyami-Nyamis for protection in the gorge and on the river, Koby and Royden took a leap of faith and scored the wave of a lifetime.

Learn more about the adventure here.

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