VIDEO: The Best Cat-Skiing In The World? | Chatter Creek Cat Skiing, BC, Canada

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“Cat and heli-ski operations, on occasion, will fill their empty seats with deserving locals. It’s an opportunity to give back to the community and keep relations in good standing. The only catch, is that getting a seat is often last minute. But when you get the call, you drop everything and do anything to make it all happen. That’s what getting it good is all about.

Jessie Oatway, from Oatway Productions, is a born and raised local shredder whose high-flying tricks are a daily sight at the resort. He’s one dedicated dude and over his lifetime, he’s watched countless tourists flow through his community on their way to deep powder at remote operations. Being one of those lucky people is only a dream. But one day when hitchhiking to the resort, his phone rings out-of-the-blue with the best news he’s ever heard: there’s 3 open seats at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing and he and two buddies can have them for free! The only catch is that they need to be at Chatter base in Donald in 20 minutes. Uh oh, Jesse doesn’t have a vehicle; truth be told, he doesn’t even have a license! But he can’t let little details like that stop him now; this is his chance.

Fortune favours the bold and Jessie is seizing opportunities; even if that means ‘borrowing’ the Biglines truck. He only stops briefly to pick up other local shredders, Ave Perry and Justin Baun, who are both at work. They’ve gotten calls like this before and they know when it’s time to drop everything. The three mates pin the Biglines truck like it’s stolen (because it is) to the Chatter base lodge and follows is a day of deep pow, big drops, great food, and high fives. Chatter lives up to all expectations and it’s a day that Jesse never wants to end. No matter how much reality hits tomorrow, today will be a day he’ll never forget,” stated Big Lines about the video.

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