VIDEO: “The Perfect Glade” | Ski The East Claims To Have Found It

Chris Wallner | BackcountryBackcountry

The final episode of “Working for the Weekend” takes place in the Chic Choc Mountains of Quebec and features Ben, Louise, and Paige discovering “the perfect glade” on a glorious sunny powder day. Sometimes the conditions, terrain, and crew line up just right. It might not be a bad idea to plan a ski trip to Quebec next year after seeing this video.


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One thought on “VIDEO: “The Perfect Glade” | Ski The East Claims To Have Found It

  1. Misleading as hell to refer to this as skiing the east. This is another country and it’s FAR from any significant population centers in the northeast US.

    Looks amazing though.

    But it also looks like a hell of a slog for a run or two.

    Looked into the hostel in the Chic Chocs that runs the cat skiing…seemed to be quite affordable. I’d just like to know their snow situation before I used my annual ski vacation…and I don’t know how to get that informaton….so Powder Mountain and Grand Targhee seem like safer bets, when the meteorologists are calling for snow.

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