VIDEO: Timy Dutton Backflip Off at Beartooth Basin This Summer

SnowBrains |

This summer Beartooth Basin held a fundraiser for Squaw Valley’s late Timy Dutton.  They decided to have a backflip off.  It went well and there were a helluvalotta backflips.

This video shows us just how many backies there were.  

Thanks for putting this together, Beartooth.  And thanks to all who participated.

We miss you Timy.

“With great help from Strafe Outerwear, ON3P Skis and LIBtech NAS, the 2104 Rubber Ducky Backflip-Off at Beartooth Basin, MT helped raise money in Timy’s name to support the BASICS program put on by High Fives Non-Profit. Here are the backflips.” – Not Sad

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