VIDEO: UDOT Cottonwoods Avalanche Cycle Feb. 12-18, 2021

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The snow that fell on Utah last week, over 100″ in seven days, was historic. Little Cottonwood Canyon, where both Alta and Snowbird reside, was closed for three days while crews battled to clear the roads, remove avalanche debris, and make it safe for us. Both Alta and Snowbird resorts were closed during this time, and Alta was under a record-breaking maximum-interlodge.

The video above is a montage of everything UDOT had to contend with while clearing the roads. Thank you, guys!

“Did someone say it snowed?” It was a pretty historic storm cycle for the @utahtransportation & @udotavy crews and we’re stoked that everyone made it out okay.

Big avalanche cycle for us – 210 – with debris up to 20’ deep in areas. The road was closed for 70 total hours with 31 recorded road impact avalanches! So quite a bit of snow for us to move and we’re grateful for the shout-outs you all sent us during the equipment retrieval and cleanup.

A huge thank you to our canyon partners @unifiedpolicedepartment, @townofalta, Alta Marshals, @altaskiarea & @snowbird for all their help and support, this was truly a team effort to get the road safe to open for everyone! 

Thanks also go to the folks both on Inter-lodge and stuck in the valley, we know it’s not ideal for anyone. The patience and kind words you had for us did not go unnoticed!

Appreciate you being here, keep on spreading the stoke & be safe out there! 🤙

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