VIDEO: Venezuelan Cross Country Skier Encounters Snow for the First Time in Lahti 2017

Matias Ricci |

Adrian Solano was born in Venezuela. A country which doesn’t have any snow at all. However, he made up his mind that he wanted to be a cross-country skier. So, he trained on wheels and was able to score a spot in the qualifying round in Lahti 2017 to represent his home country.

Adrian Solano, the skier who had never skied before. // photo: YouTube

Unfortunately for Solano, he discovered that skiing on snow is different than skiing on wheels. Much different. The Venezuelan had trouble even getting out of the starting blocks, and things did not get much better from there. He fell and stumbled several times throughout his horrific run and it led to many dubbing him as the “world’s worst skier.” Ultimately, Solano couldn’t complete his run.

“Maybe I have fallen many times but what really counts is that I will always continue to rise,” he said after the qualifying run.

This makes us remember Eric Moussambani, a swimmer from Ecuatorial Guinea, who represented his country in Sidney 2000 Olympic Games and had never been in an olympic-size pool. He almost drowned.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Venezuelan Cross Country Skier Encounters Snow for the First Time in Lahti 2017

  1. You can ski in Venezuela in the Andean region of Merida
    This story is actually very sad. The government of Venezuela is corrupt and dictatorial. This individual is using his political influence to compete at a professional level representing his country without any actual training. Same thing happened during the last winter Olympics.
    We should not be glorifying this type of behavior…

  2. There is snow Venezuela!! And it was possible to ski in past at a mountain close to Merida where you could be taken by a huge gondola which is out of order now. I read about a group of skiers climbing the mountain a year ago to ski on the last remnants of snow remaining there … and destined to vanish in a short time.

  3. what a joke just like the african swimmer in the olympics!……….what the hell is going on in our world……he is just getting in the way of other legitimate competitors

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