[VIDEO] Wild Boar Attacks Snowboarders in Myoko Kogen, Japan

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Wild Boar
The boar attacking the first, unsuspecting snowboarder. | Picture: Screenshot from Joey’s video

A wild boar has attacked two snowboarders in the Japanese ski resort of Myoko Kogen. The incident was filmed by the proprietors of a ski & snowboard shop called Joey’s in Akakura Myoko.

The animal came from behind, attacking an unsuspecting snowboarder at the bottom of the run, knocking him to the ground, before making a beeline for another snowboarder. The second snowboarder luckily had unclipped his board and was able to instead use his snowboard as a shield to fend off the angry boar. The wild animal then is seen running off behind a building and disappears from view.

Snowboarder Boar
The second snowboarder fending off the wild boar with his snowboard. | Picture: Screenshot from Joey’s video

Myoko Kogen is located in the Niigata Prefecture on Japan’s main island Honshu, about 3 hours by bullet train from Tokyo. Myoko Kogen is one of Japan’s oldest ski areas and is made up of three resorts: Myoko Akakura, Myoko Suginohara, and Ikenotaira Onsen. The incident happened in Akakura village, where most of the hotels are located.

Wild boars are native to the main island of Honshu and are known to occasionally attack and sometimes even kill people. A Japanese boar can grow to about 180-200 pounds and boar hunting for sport, as well as food, is widespread in rural Japan.

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