VIDEO: World Speed Ski Record Without Snow? Not A Problem!

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It’s summer time in North Hemisphere now, but does it stop skiers from breaking speed records?

Well, practically, we still have winter in some parts of the country. Last weekend a snow storm went through the West Coast, bringing several inches of new June snow and the mountain conditions are still a blast, but heat wave is gradually approaching, and some snow will melt soon.

Snow at Lake Tahoe, June 2017. Image credit: SFGate

So, what top skiers do when World Cup is over, besides training for the next one?   Let’s have a close look!

Did you know that the British World Cup speed skier Jan Farrell recorded top speed of 63.78km/h in October, 2016! He skied 12 km/h faster than previous record speed. And he skied on asphalt, not on the snow slope!

Just add World Cup skier, Ferrari and a pair of Atomic 🙂


The previous record was held by American extreme sports star Erik Roner, who hit 51.4km/h at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, for the MTV show Nitro Circus.

The highest speed of non-motorised human was recorded by Italian Ivan Origone. He set this new speed skiing world record of 254.958km/h in Vars La Forêt Blanche in March 2016.

What about running 100m in ski boots?

Two staff members of Profeet Ski Lab, Max Willccocks and assistant footwear manager Emma Kirk Odunubi, have set the record on this short-distance running … in ski boots, crossing the finish line in 14.09 sec and 16.86 sec, correspondingly!

Max and Emma. Image credit:

It happened last year in June 2016 and was recorded in the book of  Guinness World Records! The video was just published yesterday on YouTube:


Looks like there are many ways to spend the summer until next ski season will come 🙂


Squaw Valley, June 10th 2017. Photo credit: Clare Weiss






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