VIDEO: World’s Biggest EVER Firework Launched Above Steamboat Ski Area, CO this Weekend

SnowBrains |

A massive firework launched over Steamboat Ski Resort, CO has set a world record as the world’s largest aerial firework EVER.

The 2,800-pound shell that blasted to 2,200-feet above the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival before it exploded, had been in development for seven years.

Guinness World Records representatives witnessed the attempt and verified the shell launched Saturday was the world’s largest.

The firework was 400 pounds heavier than the previous record-holder, a 2,397-pound explosive launched in the United Arab Emirates in 2018.

The winter storm that buried Colorado this weekend dumped more than 2-feet of snow on the 26-foot-long mortar used to launch the shell and organizers said getting the area plowed was more trouble than setting up the firework itself.

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