2 VIDEOS: Alta & Snowbird, UT Going Off This January

Keenan Grady |

As you may or may not have heard, Utah got pounded with snow this December and January.  Fortunately for us, there are lots of skiers riding with camera’s these days and we get to reap the benefit by watching all of these blower videos during times of drought.  Above is a short edit of Ryan Faye ripping Alta and Snowbird.  The chute that he drops into around :49 seconds is absolutely haggard.

The season snowfall total for Alta is 304″, meanwhile snowbird has raked in a whopping 328″ so far.

This video is from Jonnie Merrill skiing the ‘Bird in January.  Lots of cork 3’s, 5’s, some nose-butters, aggressive lines, and cliff drops.  Truly an entertaining watch from the second it starts until the end.  Maybe Jonnie is shooting to ski with Candide Thovex for his “One of Your Days” competition.  (Short edits that consist of entirely POV footage).

January in Alta, UT. photo: alta
January in Alta, UT. photo: alta

Although I’m sure that we’re all itching for snow after this last dry spell, these videos are encouraging towards a winter that might return in full force come march.  Everyone do your snowdance and pray for snow!



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