VIDEO: Skiers Capture Nearby Volcano Exploding from Chairlift at Nevados de Chillán, Chile

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Chile is the land of natural disasters – some more beautiful than others. Enormous earthquakes and huge volcanic explosions seem the norm in Chile and skiers carry on as normal. Pucon ski resort closed for a season after the volcano it lives on erupted in 2015.

Gonzalo Llamas Sebesta literally had a front seat view for the latest eruption of Chile’s Nevados de Chillán as a ski chairlift carried him up the flanks of the volcano on August 8. ONEMI, the Chilean national emergency office, issued a yellow alert to communities living near the volcano complex following the eruption, which emitted a 5,000-foot column of dust and ash.

Gonzalo Llamas Sebesta’s video above shows the eruption from the Nevados de Chillán volcano.

This picture, captured by freeskier Birgit Erti on a chairlift at Nevados de Chillan yesterday, captures the nearby volcano doing what volcanoes do. 

Pretty sweet, huh!

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