Wasatch Dispatch: Code Blue | After the Big Storm

John Solder | BackcountryBackcountry
Utah backcountry. credit: J. Solder

After a long steady Wasatch storm cycle, and a lot of greybird skiing, the clouds finally cleared and the powder was waiting to be harvested under a deep blue sky.

Fire up boys, we have a CODE BLUEBIRD!

Pow! Right in the kisser. credit: J. Theisen

Multiple storms added up to multiple feet of new snow. But the best was saved for last, 2 feet of cold Utah blower on top!!!

Jeremy skiing hot leaving the smoke trail. credit: J. Solder

“Deep trail breaking is rewarded with deep turns!!” It was a very useful mantra on the long slog to the top.

Putting in the work work work work work! credit: J. Theisen

And boy-oh were the turns deep…SO DEEP!! 

Deep, light, creamy. credit: J. Theisen

Conditions are all time across the Western US, but let’s be honest, Utah is the best.

Two wild and crazy guys!! credit: J. Solder

– Photo Tour –

Jeremy getting sendy. credit: J. Solder
Stomper. credit: J. Solder
Pretty good. credit. J. Solder
Admiring our line from the trailhead. credit: J Theisen

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