Washoe Tribe Commends Resort in Olympic Valley on Rename

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Washoe Tribe,
Credit: Washoe Tribe of NV and CA

Today, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski resort announced its new name for its world-famous recreation area and facilities in Olympic Valley, after last year it announced its decision to drop the word “Squaw” from its official title. The Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California commends and fully supports the resort management and others who contributed to this milestone decision. From today forward, the resort will be known as Palisades Tahoe.

Over time, the word “squaw” came to be used as a derogatory and racist term against Native American women. Native American communities across the country have been working for years to have this term removed from place names in their ancestral lands.

Tribal Chairman Serrell Smokey observes that “The Washoe People have lived in the area for thousands of years; we have great reverence for our ancestors, history, and lands. We are very pleased with this decision; today is a day that many have worked towards for decades. The Washoe Tribal Council recognizes the significance of the name change and on behalf of the Washoe people expresses its great appreciation for this positive step forward.”

Washoe Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Darrel Cruz, along with past and present Tribal leaders, has developed a relationship with Resort management on various activities mutual to both parties and will continue to work with the Resort as well as Placer County to rename other public places and features in Olympic Valley.

Lake Tahoe and its surrounding area including Olympic Valley are the aboriginal homelands of the Washoe Tribe and the Tribe currently owns real estate in OlympicValley.

Washoe Tribe
Washoe lands. Credit: Washoe Tribe of NV and CA

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14 thoughts on “Washoe Tribe Commends Resort in Olympic Valley on Rename

  1. Palisaded settlements were common in Colonial America, for protection against indigenous peoples and wild animals. The English settlements in both Jamestown, Virginia (1607) and Plymouth, Massachusetts (1620) were originally fortified towns surrounded by palisades.

    Only 499 other landmarks in the US with the name Squaw in them. Time to get to work. It’s going to be a long haul.

    Triggered Lefty

  2. Oooooft nothing screams white privilege liek calling people “woke liberal crybabies” for having an awareness of the offensiveness of their languge and the impact it has on people. Hahahaha right wingers crack me up. How many tears do you shed when you see someone kneeling for the anthem?

  3. would rather be a woke librul than an idiot tRumpeter anyday
    TooT TooT
    I guarantee this woke librul can out ski and out climb you anyday and everyday too

  4. Have you ever hung out with the Washoe Tribe? They’re a bunch of drunk degenerates living off of government subsidies. Kinda like all the people still milking unemployment benefits while there are 12,000,000 open jobs in the country.

  5. Only 499 other landmarks in the Country with the word SQUAW in the name. (get educated)

    The woke liberal crybabies have a lot of work left to do.

    In other news has anyone read that a Palisade was a type of barrier used to cage Native American’s back in the day? Isn’t it ironic? Lol
    (get educated)

  6. It’s generic as all get out. There is at least a dozen runs called palisades in North America alone. Obviously you’ve never skied anywhere else. It’s a stupid name.

  7. “So we are gonna choose a totally generic mountain based term, picked out of a hat. It will be a term totally not unique to this resort. You know, make sure it’s something that every resort in the world has. Also, we better make sure theres already an area at the resort with this name. That will help with all the confusion. Okay? Awesome. I know, we could, have chosen something with history to it – like Olympic Valley, or maybe even an actual Washoe word, to pay respect to those that we are changing the name on behalf of…. but that would make sense, so we won’t be doing that.”
    ~ Alterra Marketing Dept.

    1. Hey Roger, guess you’ve never skied SV before? The Palisades are one of the most iconic spots on the mountain.
      If you look at the logo, you can see the two mountain peaks that look identical to the actual Palisades, DOH!

  8. And yet they do nothing to preserve the ancient lands nor provide affordable housing let alone even offer complimentary skiing, lessons or equipment use for existing genetic related humans.
    nobody will even care about all this marketing bs in a few months anyway.

  9. The ancient Washoe ancestors could care less.
    A native american belief was nobody owned the land or anything, people were just a tiny part of it all so who cares.
    Yet commerical development, increased carbon pollution to this amazing area is to be ignored by capitalistic pigs due to the proposed commercial condo development and 90k sq ft indoor waterpartk?
    Got hypocrisy?
    Immense Thanks to CA 3rd district court of appeals and Sierra Watch for shooting down ridiculous development plans and heping to protect these ancient native lands eh?
    Does tribal chair Serrell Smokey even recognize that. Hmmm makes one wonder how much he and others has been paid by off by AMC perhaps.

  10. Btw the ancient washoe aboriginal ancestors could care less
    Big deal, and the mountains don’t care either.
    Many native american philosophies was nobody owns the land, it is all one we are just a small part of it.
    So yah not a big deal.

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