Eating on the Mountain–What Fuels You?

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Clif Bar Eating on the Mountain
Fueling up in the mountains is important to making the best out of your ski day. Image: Clif Bar

When you can burn up to 400 calories an hour while out skiing and snowboarding, snacks on the mountain are a must.  We asked our Facebook followers what keeps them going on the slopes.  The responses were full of a wide array of mountain munchies.  One thing was certain, many folks prefer to bring their own lunch or snacks.

Despite the warm, fancy lodges at the resort, many riders prefer the parking lot and a lawn chair accompanied by their favorite snack.  Some don’t stop for lunch at all– obviously. I mean who has time for the lodge on a powder day?   Let’s take a look at some of the top responses:

Top 5 Fuel Up’s On The Mountain

#1  The Liquid Lunch

Beer, beer, and more beer.  Maybe some whiskey or whatever goes in a flask.  Either way, the liquid lunch is a true mountain staple.  Stuff your pockets and shred all day, easy as that.  While you are basically running on fumes all day, there is something about a chairlift beer that just keeps you going.

“PBR for breakfast lunch and dinner.” — Mackenzie Clark


#2 Pocket Food

The classic pocket sandwich is always a favorite on the slopes.  Keep it simple and pack something slim that fits well in your pocket.  Also, make sure it’s easy to woof down on the chairlift.  Salami and cheese sandwiches and PB&J’s were some of the top picks for pocket food.

“Pocket PB&J. Who has time to stop and eat on a powder day?” – Belinda Perez

Pocket food is the number one way to keep you going without having to stop and eat lunch.  It might not be a delicious cheeseburger, but that’s for après anyway.

#3 Tailgating

If you are going to stop and enjoy some hot food, tailgating in the parking lot is the way to go.  This classic gathering completes a day on the mountain with warm eats, cheap drinks, and good stories.  Pull up your folding chair and make yourself comfortable.

Tailgating, Eating on the Mountain
The Beach is a strip of parking spots at Arapahoe Basin known for killer tailgating and good times. Image: Dave Camara/Arapahoe Basin

#4 Snack Bars

Granola bars, protein bars, candy bars–whichever one is your go-to, throw it in your pocket and it will extend your day indefinitely.  On the healthy end, bars can provide vitamins, nutrients, and protein needed to keep skiing hard.  Or be like this guy and just grab a Snickers and supplement with beer.  You are working hard, treat yo self.

“Beer on the shuttle to the hill. Hopefully I’ve grabbed a Snickers for lunch the day before. More beer.” – John Kearns

PROBAR, Eating on the Mountain
Pro Bars are one of my favorite ones out there. Filling, tasty, and on the healthier side. Image: PROBAR

#5 Java, Java, Java!

Coffee is life, enough said.  This magic elixir is what some swear by to get them going before a big day on the mountain.

See, just take a shower and drink some coffee and you’re day will look like this…

Whether any of these snacks are healthy is quite debatable.  But sometimes it’s more about indulging in whatever it takes to enjoy the ski day to the fullest.  Maybe just don’t go home and pop a Digiorno in the oven after a day of beer and salami.  But to each his own…

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