Whistler B.C. Conditions Report: Soft, Variable, and Fast Snow

Peter Wentz | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Pow slash just under the Harmony cliffs.

Over the last week Whistler has not seen much new snow.  However, it has stayed cold and what is left of the fresh snow is still soft.  The resort is mainly skied out but the snow is forgiving in most areas.  There were still some areas that held pockets of good snow.  Today we skied mainly off of the Harmony lift on Whistler. Whistler also extended their alpine lift closing times until 3pm now.

Peak chair was pretty skied out today and closed down due to wind.
Double drop on harmony with slough coming down.

Our first couple of laps were pretty much under the chair and although it was skied out there were still some smaller drops to hit and ski fast.  Whistler groomed some sections of Harmony that do not normally see the cat, so it was fun to rip down these steep groomers as well.  Later in the day we built up the confidence to try some drops on the Harmony wall, as the snow was still soft and cold.  The drops we did were both soft.  The snow has consolidated in the un-skied areas to be a little thicker than normal pow, but still fun.

The view of Sun Bowl from Symphony.

We did a lap down Sunbowl as well and that was not as sun affected as I thought it would be.  On the ridge just behind Harmony there were sections of steep and untracked pockets.  We also did a run down glacier bowl and the steep sections held soft, maneuverable snow as well.

Did a walk to Obo and the snow was still cold and deep out there, but fairly tracked out.

We are supposed to see new snow this Sunday, which should be a nice refresh for Whistler.  If you go into the backcountry, the snow is still soft due to the cold temps.  Have fun out there!

harmony wall
Where there was untracked snow, the snow was still soft and fun.



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