Woman Reunited With Engagement Ring Lost at Wild Willy’s Hot Spring, CA, After Stranger Finds It and Hands It In

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Wild Willy’s Hot Spring CA and the recovered diamond ring. Credit: thatadventurelife.com

On June 5, a young husband and wife stopped by Wild Willy’s hot springs, Mammoth Lakes, CA, to enjoy the water. Hours after they left, they realized she left her valuable diamond engagement ring on the rock edge of the tub. They returned and searched for the ring, but it was lost.

They filed a report with the Mono County Sheriff’s Office but harbored little hope that the ring would ever be found.

In early June, a law enforcement officer from Riverside visited Wild Willy’s and found what looked like a toy ring buried in the mud. He tossed it in the cupholder of his vehicle and didn’t give it much more thought. He recently cleaned the ring off and discovered that this was not a toy but a very real diamond ring.

He called the Mono County Sheriff’s Office to report the find, who confirmed from his pictures that this is the same ring. Sheriffs reunited the ring with its grateful owners.

Good people do good things because it’s the right thing to do. Thank you to Deputy Brandon Podoloski for reminding us of this.

Wild WIly’s hot spring, CA

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