Farmer’s Almanac: Will This Winter Be Harsh?

Alex Camerino |
Some people say “harsh winter”, others say “more sick days.” Photo: SnowBrains

Will the upcoming winter be a great ski season? These days we always run to the internet for our answers, but what did people do just a few decades ago? Farmer’s Almanac is a classic go-to book for all your seasonal questions. First published in 1818, the Almanac has plenty of tips for how to have a great garden and much more. It even includes these 20 signs to look out for because they indicate a harsh winter ahead.

Signs of a Harsh Winter

Here are just three of the twenty signs of a harsh winter ahead. Check out the whole list in the Farmer’s Almanac. Keep your eye out for these signs, and hopefully, a great winter will be just around the corner!

  1. Early Seclusion of Bees Within the Hive.
  2. Unusual Abundance of Acorns.
  3. The Size of the Orange Band on the Woolly bear (or Woollyworm) Caterpillar. According to folklore, if the caterpillar’s orange band is narrow, the winter will be snowy; conversely, a wide orange band means a mild winter. All black caterpillars are not Woollybears. And fuzzier-than-normal woolly bear caterpillars are said to mean that winter will be very cold.
Indicator of a harsh winter
Indicator of a harsh winter, or just a cute fuzzy caterpillar? Photo: HTR News

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