Woman in Wheelchair Conquers 14er Thanks to Non-Profit Organization

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Credit to Shaun Lee and CBS: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2018/09/18/woman-mt-bierstadt-no-barriers/
No wheelchair here! Helping Nerrisa Cannon with the last few steps. Courtesy of CBS

Earlier this month, the non-profit organization, “No Barriers” helped Nerissa Cannon summit a 14,000-foot mountain. Cannon is a woman from Utah is progressively losing her balance and the motor control of her legs. Colorado is infamous for its difficult 14er’s and it’s a huge accomplishment for anyone to summit, but Cannon did it in a wheelchair.

Twenty-seven people from all different parts of Colorado met Cannon and the “No Barriers” team at the base of Mt. Bierstadt. They started before the sun came up and started scrambling up. Among the people who came to help, one was Erik Weihenmayer. Weihenmayer is the first blind person to ever to summit Mt. Everest and is also one of the co-founders of No Barriers and helped organize the climb.

After about 5 miles of hiking, the team made it to the top! Despite the gusty ridges and the large boulders at the top, they made it and the view was all worth it. The total trip up and down took the group about 10 hours!

To learn more about the non-profit organization, you can visit the No Barriers website.

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