Woodward Copper, CO: Step Up Your Game on Year-Round Snow, Ramps, & Tramps

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Trampoline work! PC: Woodward Copper
Trampoline work! PC: Woodward Copper

Most people just assume that their skiing and snowboarding skills will regress throughout the course of the summer, but there’s no need to settle for that when there are year-round action sports centers in the U.S., such as Woodward Copper.

The facilities are located at Copper Mountain in Colorado and they have a lot to offer for year-round entertainment and progression, including a 19,400 square foot indoor training facility “The Barn”, summer snow parks, professional coaches in a wide variety of disciplines, and a huge selection of winter terrain parks with options for every ability level. Along with year-round snowboarding and skiing, Woodward Copper offers programs in a wide range of disciplines including skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking, scooter, cheer, and digital media.

The Barn’s Layout! PC: Woodward Copper

Features of The Barn:

  • 19,400 square foot indoor training facility
  • Five Olympic-Grade Flybed Trampolines
  • A 14’x14’ Super Tramp
  • Spring floors
  • A skate/BMX street course
  • A full size skate bowl
  • Custom Skatelite pump track
  • Two mini ramps
  • 6 different levels of Skatelite jumps into foam pits
The Barn from the outside! PC: Woodward Copper
This world-class facility was developed with progression in mind because it allows you to try new skills in easy incremental steps. From your first dives into the foam pits and bounces on the trampolines, to landing that new aerial maneuver on the indoor ParkSkis, the proven techniques used by the Woodward Copper coaching staff were created to take your skills to the next level.
Sending it into the foam pit! PC: Woodward Copper
Throughout the winter season, progression is possible indoors at Woodward Copper because the facilities are open until 8pm daily. When the winter season begins to wind down, Woodward Copper staff begins to construct the Pipeline Park, which is their massive summer terrain park that features one of the fastest carpet lifts in North America. Beginning in June, campers of all ages and ability levels arrive at Woodward Copper to enjoy summer skiing, snowboarding, and sessions at the Woodward Copper Barn.
The Barn at Woodward Copper! PC: Woodward Copper

How To Benefit Most From The Barn At Woodward Copper:

  • The Barn is open to the public until 8pm daily throughout the winter, so to have more of an intimate experience, arrive earlier in the afternoon
  • Wear athletic clothing since you’ll be bouncing, jumping, flipping, and flying on the trampolines and off the Skatelite foam pit jumps 
  • Bring water, you need to stay hydrated to enjoy and make the most of your time there
  • Prior to engaging in any activities at The Barn, make sure to remove any valuables from your body that could potentially fall off in the foam pits, such as cellphones, jewelry, Fitbits, etc.
  • Don’t forget your ski/snowboard boots and a helmet, since you’ll have access to the Skatelite ramps to foam pits with wheeled Burton ParkBoards and ParkSkis after completing the initial intro session
  • Take full advantage of Woodward’s progression model by booking a Ride with Woodward lesson. Available for ages 6 and up (even adults), a Ride with Woodward lesson consists of spending half the day on snow in Woodward Copper’s terrain parks, and half the day in The Barn accelerating your progression with indoor training tools in Woodward Copper’s terrain parks. These lessons really allow kids and adults alike to land tricks in a safe and comfortable environment
The Pipeline Park- summer skiing and snowboarding! PC: Woodward Copper

The Pipeline Park is Woodward Copper’s largest summer terrain park, which is located on the same slope as the expansive Central Park winter terrain park. This park usually consists of multiple jump lines, a quarter pipe, a hip, and 20-30 other features. Pipeline Park is maintained daily until August each year and it has the longest and fastest carpet lift in North America. Big Island Park is another summer terrain park that Woodward Copper constructs using the leftover snow from the Super Pipe. It is located at the base of the mountain and typically consists of 10-15 features. This Park is open every Sunday and Saturday from June 11th, 2016 to September 25th, 2016, but the season was extended until October 2nd, 2016!!

The Cage! PC: Woodward Copper

Obviously you can’t ski all day long, so The Cage is the place to go after you’re done. It has a lot to offer including plenty of room to skate, a retail store, a lounge where you can relax, play games, hang out with friends, watch the latest ski and skate flicks, and an area to create the deck of your dreams for your skateboard.

The best part is that its only $5 to skate all day or FREE with any purchase. Make sure you remember your helmet though, its required to skate.

Winter fun at the park! PC: Woodward Copper

Summer isn’t the only time to get on snow at one of Woodward Copper’s world-class terrain parks. Throughout the winter, Woodward Copper offers 9 different terrain parks including a massive 22′ Super Pipe. From the extra-small features in Aliroo Alley, to the wide assortment of rails in the Eagle Jib Park and the intermediate to expert level features in the gigantic Central Park, there is a Woodward terrain park at Copper Mountain for every skill level and style. 

The ParkBoard! PC: Woodward Copper

In 2012, Woodward teamed up with Burton Snowboards to perfect Woodward’s patented Burton ParkBoard™ indoor snowboard. This snowboard is crucial to enabling individuals to learn and progress throughout the summer, instead of regressing with the extensive time off the snow. The ParkBoard was designed to ride on Skatelite, which is the same surface that is used in skateparks around the world. This board allows riders to experience a snow-like ride, while allowing for indoor riding when snow conditions don’t permit. Even when there is snow, the Burton ParkBoard is a great way to progress in an indoor environment that decreases the risk of injury throughout the progressionary stages.

Woodward Copper Photo Tour:

Big Island Terrain Park! PC: Woodward Copper
ParkSkis™ are also offered at Woodward! PC: Mountain Online
The longest and one of the fastest carpet lifts in North America to maximize your time on the snow! PC: Woodward Copper
They also offer an Airbag for safe practice! PC: Woodward Copper
The pipe is HUGE at Woodward! PC: Copper Mountain
BMX is very popular! PC: Woodward Copper
Campers having a blast! PC: Woodward Copper
Practice in The Barn! PC: Woodward Copper
Woodward Copper on September 30th, 2016! PC: Woodward Copper

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