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The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska is bigger than Switzerland and has 3 mountain ranges:  the Chugach, the Wrangells, and the St. Elias.  It’s a land of endless glaciers, bitter cold, and fairy tale mountains.  I once lived in this park for 4 months.  I was lucky enough to go on many flight-sees and I had my mind modified.  The park holds scenes that will stay with me forever.

Jagged, forked peaks with hanging glaciers that emit huge flowing waterfalls that drop down onto hanging glaciers before another bigger waterfall drops onto a 20-mile long valley glacier.  I’ve always referred to the St. Elias range as “the fairy tale mountains” but even fairy tales don’t reach their level of elegance.

Pilot Paul Claus holds the keys to this kingdom via his super turbine otter airplane.  His lodge, Ultimathule is the gate way.  Paul allowed 4 ski mountaineers into his kingdom in April 2013 and this video, Wrangelled, is their story.

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The Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska is 13.2 million acres full of spectacular mountains and glaciers. In April of 2013, 4 friends ventured into a remote section of the park to live on a glacier for 2 weeks, setting up base camp in the center of untouched terrain. – Acr’teryx



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  1. Thanks for posting Snowbrains! The Wrangells are a wonderful place. The Alaska range is blowing up with lots of skier traffic. This place is REMOTE and desolate.
    Thanks to all who watched out story!

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