Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Opens Today, December 15

Liam Abbott |
Yellowstone Grand Canyon
Views from Canyon Rim cross-country ski trail in Yellowstone National Park. Image courtesy of NPS Yellowstone.

It’s official! Yellowstone National Park will be opening today, December 15, for winter operations. If you are interested in going or are just wondering what there is to do in Yellowstone during the winter, here is what you should know.

Yellowstone Winter Operations

Yellowstone National Park does not allow vehicles to enter most of the park in the winter, making it only accessible via commercial snowmobile or snowcoach tours of the park, unless you apply in advance for a proper permit that allows you to take your own personal snowmobile into the park.

Snowcoach and snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park. Image courtesy of NPS Yellowstone.

With cross country skiing, snowshoeing, Yurt camping, and all of the natural beauty that Yellowstone offers all year long, there is still plenty to do in the transformed landscape through the months of hibernation.

In the wintertime, you can beat the crowds and truly experience Yellowstone in its full natural beauty. With the lack of crowds, you are much more likely to see a more diverse and abundant amount of wildlife throughout the park.

For more information, visit the National Park Services website for Yellowstone here.

Bison playing in snow. Image courtesy of NPS Yellowstone.

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