Brain Post: How Far Does the Average Human Walk in a Lifetime?

Walking around the Earth

Walking around the Earth.  image:

Here’s a quick and easy one.  Low brain work today:

The average moderately active person take aound 7,500 step/day.  If you maintain that daily average and live until 80 years of age, you’ll have walked about 216,262,500 steps in your lifetime.

Doing the math;  the average person with the average stride living until 80 will walk a distance of around 110,000 miles.  

Which is the equivalent of walking about 5 times around the Earth, right on the equator.

Walk at your own risk

Walk at your own risk


Q:  How far does the average human walk in a lifetime?  

A:  About 5 times around the Earth on the equator.

Unreal, huh?

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  1. JayBalls

    Think how far runners and athletes walk in a life? twice that? 10 times around the earth? damn.

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  2. One Interesting Dude

    I don’t always walk in my lifetime, but when I do I walk twice what the average human does

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  8. Zach

    A fun number, but by the math, this comes out to 3.77 miles per day. I’m sorry, but I call bullshit.

    Now let’s consider the fact that even if an active adult is doing this (which I’ve read studies saying Americans are closer to 5K steps), we’re still accounting for ALL ages. 60-80 year olds, 1-10 year olds. How many 70 year olds do you know who are walking >3 miles a day?

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  9. Phil

    Rubbish answer, 7,500 steps a day from day one, new born!! Plus from 70 to. 80 years old!! More like 60,000 miles a day!!

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