Brain Post: How Far Does the Average Human Walk in a Lifetime?

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The average moderately active person takes around 7,500 step/day.  If you maintain that daily average and live until 80 years of age, you’ll have walked about 216,262,500 steps in your lifetime.

Doing the math, the average person with the average stride living until 80 will walk a distance of around 110,000 miles.  

Which is the equivalent of walking about 5 times around the Earth, right on the equator.


Q:  How far does the average human walk in a lifetime?  

A:  About 5 times around the Earth on the equator.

walk around the Earth.
walk around the Earth.

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97 thoughts on “Brain Post: How Far Does the Average Human Walk in a Lifetime?

  1. Bruh I walk 15 km every day. Been doing it for nigh on 20 years.
    15 k a day x 365 days a year x 20 years equals
    109,500 km or about 65 thou miles
    The earth is about 40k kilos around at the poles north to south to north
    That’s about 2.75 times around the earth already and I’m not even 30 yet

    Y’all weak ahaa

  2. It seems a lot of the commenters are confusing just walking to get from point A to B with going out and walking a 3 mile course. I’m 78 and as of July 19, have walked 775,686 steps, 336.5 miles. That is just going about my normal retired day of making the bed, working in the garden, walking from the bedroom to the kitchen, to the bathroom mowing the grass, etc. Recorded on my iphone with the Syeps app.

  3. Remember this is an average. When Europeans walk a lot more than that, Americans are not even close to that average.

  4. have a beer….relax….lighten up….eat dirt…play in mud……world dont need more shitheads!!

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  6. That distance is covered in just 0.5 second by light. Can you imagine how insignificant we are? And yet they are proud and claim there is no God.

  7. If we are very conservative and say that an average human walks only 1 mile per day from birth, we easily walk 365 miles per year. Some years in the prime of our lives we walk many more miles than that per day. (Obviously it takes us a few years to really start walking.) Some days we are ill and can’t walk much. Some years we are bogged down with responsibility and cannot afford the luxury of 3 mile per day walks. And into our later years most of us do not walk anywhere near 3 miles a day.

    But if we average it out over a lifetime of 70 years, that we walk a mile a day, it is a conservative estimate that we’ve walked the circumference of the earth. Some of us many more than that.

    That’s pretty remarkable.

  8. Personally I don’t have the time or energy to walk 3 miles/day. I am involved countless hours behind a desk performing high stress work in the health field of all things.

    I also question the validity of the ‘average’ person walking such distances. I live in an area without mass transportation, tremendous heat and lots of old people. I am an old people.

    I have never walked 3 miles/day however I have always worked 10 hours / day. It is casually acceptable to call someone stupid or lazy based on comparing their lives or actions to what one perceives as ‘normal’.

    I would rather be lazy though than an insulting brute with no manners…..every day of the week. Some people are RUDE and have been RUDE their entire lives.

  9. For the people who are accounting for age, most people are fairly active by age 3 and are running around a lot. I also know a couple of people well into their 70s who are quite active and do walk more than 3mi/day. Basically you’re accounting for age is complete bullshit and you’re only putting that in because you are lazy and have been lazy your entire life.

  10. I, too, say “Rubbish!”

    For if the earth’s circumference is 24,901 miles (and which way are you measuring? cuz it”s wider than it is tall. and who’s doing the measuring? ancient Greeks like Aristotle and Eratosthenes or modern scientists who have access to satellite data? and how? are the differences between Mt. Everest and the Mariana Trench being taken into account, which happens to only be a mere 12 miles? or are they calculating by flattening the mountains to create a smooth surface? and how about centrifugal force which makes the earth bulge around the equator? blah, blah, blah, etc.) and multiply by 5 times equals 124,505 miles then the above calculations are 14,505 miles short of making that last (or fifth) trek around the world. That’s a pretty large amount of steps to underachieve!

    So take that and all that other stuff people were pointing out about ages and lifetimes and put it together with one more thing: YOU CAN’T WALK AROUND THE WORLD – THERE’S MOUNTAINS AND INTERNATIONAL BORDERS AND OCEANS AND DON’T FORGET WEATHER AND WHAT HOTELS ARE YOU GONNA STAY IN AND WHAT KIND OF SHOES ARE YOU GONNA WEAR?

    1. @Tom and others but mainly him. you took this to literally. first off they say equator so pay attention. second im sure they were not including elevation changes. third the whole what to wear and where to sleep thing is fucking foolish to even mention. lets just say a human was to walk non stop from the moment they can walk till they are unable to. so im sure the average person can make it 3 times around THE EQUATOR, TOTALLY FLAT, AND WEAR UM LETS SEE SHOES AS PER REGION AND SLEEP WHEREVER (seriously thought wtf do you think they wore 10k years ago or where they slept then…). i walk to/from work 12mi round trip, at work i move non-stop from the moment i get on till the moment i clock out and then for like another hour after but im not including that hour nor am i including anthing on my days off or before i start my walk to work (btw im a cook and we do what most places would require 3-4 cooks yet we do it with 1-2 so yes NON-STOP). yes ive used a pedometer for my entire day before, so when i say 30mi per work day that’s more than an underestimate. i work 5 days a week, don’t take vacations, and if we close for a holiday i pick up one of the cooks shift who is on salary because i love money. so 30mi*5d*52w=7800mi then 25000mi/7800mi=3.205128years (pretty ironic that ive been at my current job for just over 3 years, and no for the first month i was not full time but take into account days off and my 30mi*5d is more than a underestimate). btw im 24 black with a GED acquired at 16 with no further schooling and i can figure this shit out, my 11yo sister can figure this out. i hate people.

      1. Joseph, Amen for calling Tom out !
        The original post was much more an observation than scientific fact . . .
        Give it a rest Tom ! and thanks Joseph. ☺

  11. Rubbish answer, 7,500 steps a day from day one, new born!! Plus from 70 to. 80 years old!! More like 60,000 miles a day!!

  12. A fun number, but by the math, this comes out to 3.77 miles per day. I’m sorry, but I call bullshit.

    Now let’s consider the fact that even if an active adult is doing this (which I’ve read studies saying Americans are closer to 5K steps), we’re still accounting for ALL ages. 60-80 year olds, 1-10 year olds. How many 70 year olds do you know who are walking >3 miles a day?

  13. I don’t always walk in my lifetime, but when I do I walk twice what the average human does

    1. 17963 steps or 8.1 miles daily average for the year for me. This includes hiking. I am not the average human.

  14. Think how far runners and athletes walk in a life? twice that? 10 times around the earth? damn.

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