1 Min of Big Lines in Haines, AK | Powder Highway Dispatch | Words by Sam Cohen

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words by Sam Cohen

Alaska has always seemed like some sort of proving grounds for big mountain skiers. For years I’ve seen footage and photos from Haines, AK of some of the best skiers around the world who migrate to Haines in search for a deep snowpack and steep terrain by the middle of March.

Haines, AK

The trip started out as an idea back in January in a yurt outside of Golden, BC in the Esplanades range where Lynsey Dyer, Lexi Dupont, Hayden Price, Jaqcui Edgerly, Will Wissman and I were shooting for the webisode series “Powder Highway”. Wissman has been skiing and shooting in Haines for years and his imagery is known around the world as some of the top notch ski photography.

Alaska is...
Alaska is…

Being from Alta, UT I knew Will from growing up and we had shot a little bit here and there. After bugging him enough he gave in and my plan to ski Haines started to go into affect. For five weeks we strived to ski and film big lines out of the helicopter. The struggle through consistent down days and the adrenaline rush of skiing go hand in hand up there.

Haines, AK
Haines, AK

Sitting for two weeks and then skiing one of the lines of your life could be a mental battle but the feeling you get while skiing keeps you moving forward and itching for more. The mystique and power of Haines, AK can bring you down low but when you get out in those mountains all your worries vanish and all that matters is skiing. This latest “Powder Highway” video gives you a small taste of spring in Haines.

(editor’s note:  big thanks to Sam for writing this up for SnowBrains.  Haines is somewhere that haunts all skiers & riders’ dreams)

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