2014/15 Utah Ski Resort Opening Dates:

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Alta, UT.
Alta, UT.

Utah is one of the most consistent places on Earth for snowfall.  Last year, Alta had what they consider a “rough, below average year.”  They still got 432 inches of snow…  Which is more than most places ever get and it still put Alta in the 10th spot for most snow in North America in 2013/14.

Utah sits in a unique spot for an El Nino year.  Utah is far south enough to potentially do great in an El Nino year and North and Central enough to still get winter storms from the North.  This is no secret to Utah snow freaks.  This is the general pattern that makes Utah’s magic work.

Utah is on the track of both the southern and northern storm tracks.  We don’t even want to get into the lake effect snow they get off the Great Salt Lake the simply comes from a cold wind.

Snowbird tram and nuking snow.
Snowbird tram and nuking snow.

– The last strong El Nino of 1998 clobbered Utah and left them skiing powder deep into April.

– Snowbird is the ski resort that stays open longest in Utah with lifts often spinning into June.

– Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, and Solitude ski resorts all average about 500″ of snow per year.

This happens near Salt Lake City, UT.
Alta, UT.


– November 21st:  Alta

– November 22nd:  Snowbird

– November 22nd: Park City

– November 22nd:  Brian Head

Alta, UT.
Alta, UT.

– November 22nd:  Brighton

– November 22nd:  Solitude

– November 26th:  Snowbasin

– November 28th: The Canyons

Utah, USA.
Utah, USA.

– December 5th:  Beaver Mountain

– December 5th:  Eagle Point

– December 6th:  Deer Valley

– December 6th:  Sundance

Alta, UT.
Alta, UT.

– December 12th:  Powder Mountain

– December 13th:  Cherry Peak

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