Your 2018/19 Ticket To Rip It At Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA | Ski The Rest Of The 2017/18 Season For FREE

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One DEEP day at Sierra-at-Tahoe. Image: Sierra-at-Tahoe

Spring is right around the corner, which means pastel colors, working on that goggle tan, and allergy sniffles. It also means that 2018/19 Sierra-at-Tahoe season passes are on sale! The Certified Unserious Season Pass is your all-access ticket to rip it, packed with awesome goodies sure to leave you tickled.

Just like that (ehhem “special”) friend you have, this pass has benefits, no strings attached.

First off, if you buy now, you get UNLIMITED skiing + riding for the rest of the current season. Do the math: that’s 5 plus weeks of springtime riding at Sierra for free! Warm up those legs for next season with some spring hot laps…like a gym membership but better.

All smiles at Sierra. Image: Sierra-at-Tahoe

If you’re like us, you have crazy friends that don’t see the beauty of owning a season pass. Once they realize the magnitude of their mistake, they’ll be hitting you up to ski + ride. Lucky for them, included with your season pass are four $50 buddy tickets* and Free Fridays (on select Fridays) for friends and family! That means you can bring your pals to ski + ride on the cheap four times and for free on select Fridays! Whoever says “no friends on a powder day” doesn’t know Sierra.

Sierra-at-Tahoe has a few friends of their own, actually an alliance of sorts. We call it the Powder Alliance , and with the purchase of a Certified Unserious Pass, you can ski + ride at all other Powder Alliance resorts three times for free. We have great partner resorts throughout the West, Chile, and Japan! Looks like you have a trip to plan. Along with that, neighboring Tahoe resort, Sugar Bowl, has been added to the Powder Alliance.

Sierra-at-Tahoe embraces skiers and snowboarders who want to escape from everyday life and enjoy the simple pleasure of winter in the mountains. Here’s the breakdown of the 2018/19 Season Pass offerings for your number-crunching pleasure. For the lowest price, buy now at special early rates so you can lock in guaranteed Certified Unserious fun! And as always, avalanche dog kisses are included.

Friends on a powder day at Sierra-at-Tahoe. Image: Sierra-at-Tahoe

Pass Pricing:

Adult : $349 (about as much as a trip to Costco)

College : $299 (equivalent to the price of that textbook you’ll never open)

Young Adult : $299 (less than 3 trips to the bar)

Child *: $149 (as much as a Lego set these days)

Senior : $149 (skip a few infomercial purchases – you don’t need another Snuggie)

* Buddy Tickets & Free Fridays Are Not Included With The Childrens Pass

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