$500 Million Homewood Project Moves Forward | Groundbreaking in Spring 2015

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video of what the Homewood development will look like

Environmentalist were able to get a judge to block Homewood, CA ski resort’s major development one year ago.  The judge blocked the development stating that the environmental impact statement needed revision.  Since that blockage, the environmental impact statement has been revised and the development plan has been slightly scaled back:  JMA (the owners of Homewood) agreed to put certain parcels of land off-limits to development and cancel 13 of the housing units.  That’s it.

Homewood's development plan includes this skating rink.
Homewood’s development plan includes this skating rink.

The $500 million development will be moving forward starting in spring 2015.  This plan will expand the current resort of 25,000 square feet to over 1 million square feet.

325 housing units will be added, the ski resort facilities will be upgraded, 5-star hotel will be built, numerous condominiums and town homes constructed, employee housing created, and 15,000 square feet of retail space made.

“We’re trying to convert (Tahoe) to more of a destination, rather than a drive-to market.” – Art Chapman of JMA Ventures, the owner of Homewood ski resort and Giradelli Square in San Francisco, CA and they just sold Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza to the Kings to use for a new NBA arena


Check out Homewood’s Master Plan:


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5 thoughts on “$500 Million Homewood Project Moves Forward | Groundbreaking in Spring 2015

  1. Right now, middle of ski season, most hotels in the area are less than 50% booked and many employees are barely working or not working at all. Squaw wants to expand their “village”, a new hotel is going to be built in Tahoe City, and now this. The amount of skier visits has remained roughly the same for decades, fluctuating with snowfall, and the middle class in the US is shrinking. So now we will have more empty rooms, and more very-part-time jobs to work at 6 months a year while we collect unemployment the other 6 months.

  2. How are you going to get there? i am not driving west shoreto ski homewood i doubt its going to attract people, but maybe it will provide a better food supply then PDQ, but most likely it will be chains, and crap like burton move to canada still gets snow, isolated as fuck

  3. Not very much good news coming out of Tahoe these days… Ever ski resort in this country is going to eventually have the same exact village.

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