65-Year-Old Man Sets World Record for ‘Oldest Person to Grind a Rail on Skis’

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Dave Schaut, oldest rail grind skis
Credit: Dave Schaut

A Colorado man has set a world record for being the oldest person to grind a rail on skis.

65-year-old Dave Schaut of Avon, CO, set the record at Beaver Creek. There was no previous record so Guinness World Records created the category for him.

Schaut was inspired to attempt this record by an employee at the Beaver Creek who saw him grinding rails and noted he had not seen someone do that at David’s age.

The stipulations required were that the rail must be at least 16.4 feet long and no wider than 12 inches, reports Vail Daily.

Schaut trained for 4-5 weeks in preparation for the attempt, grinding the rail an estimated 700+ times until he could consistently cross it. On the day (1/28/22), he managed to achieve the record on his first official attempt.

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