9,624′ Tioga Pass, Ca OPENS To Pass From East Today at 2pm!

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Yimmers and Ellery Bowl on Tioga Pass, CA in 2015. Photo: snowbrains

Tioga Pass road on April 19th, 2017. photo: caltrans district 9

9,624′ Tioga Pass will open to the pass from the east today at 2pm!

Tioga Pass holds some of the best spring backcountry skiing in North America.  The access is incredibly easy once the pass is open from the east.

Tioga Pass is currently clear of snow right to the park boundary but it’ll still be a while before they can open the road to the park gate due to safety concerns. image: caltrans

Beyond the pass/Yosemite National Park entrance, there will be no automobile access until further notice.

At the pass, there is still a ton of snow due to our 200% of average snowfall winter.  The lakes near the pass are covered in unstable ice and snow right now.

Tioga Pass, CA in May 2017. photo: caltrans

Creeks and rivers are raging up near the pass.

Please be prepared for all these hazards and have an absolute blast up there!

Tioga Pass cross section.
Sonora and Tioga passes could offer solid powder days on Monday. Heads up for avalanches.

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