A Photo Tour of the Buried Houses of Mammoth Lakes, CA

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Mammoth Lakes, CA, is literally buried in snow right now. | Photo courtesy of Peter Morning, Mammoth Mountain

This is how the town of Mammoth Lakes, CA, is looking right now after what feels like 1,000,000 atmospheric river events this season.

Mammoth Mountain’s Main Lodge is currently sitting at 600″ of snowfall season-to-date

Enjoy these photos and try not to get drool on your screen…

PHOTO TOUR (Courtesy of Peter Morning, Mammoth Mountain) 

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17 thoughts on “A Photo Tour of the Buried Houses of Mammoth Lakes, CA

  1. You obviously have never been there, b. The majority of people are everyday working people. Next time before you write an idiotic remark, do your research.

  2. You. Obviously never been there. If you think it’s all millionaires. Get a clue before you open your ignorant mouth.

  3. Needless to say snow is why they live or visit there. Too much snow ⛄️ is always a possibility there.

  4. No sympathy, you chose to live at 8000ft above sea level? I remember working for the mountain in 1984, it was summertime, so I drove my Camaro up to the maintenance garage to wash & detail it after work. This Mammoth employee says, “Nice mountain car.” I said “I don’t live in the mountains, I live in the high desert?” (Bishop), then I asked, “How many times do you run your snowblower a day?” He said, “5:00am, 12:00pm, 5:00pm, and sometimes again at 9:00pm.” I said “Move to Bishop, there is a free shuttle to work, why are you working so hard?” (I began laughing) – seriously, I left Bishop after 44 years – due to the rip off pricing of California, and moved outside Vegas. I’d rather ride my Harley all year long – than run a snowblower & shovel…..too each his own, but no thank you, good riddance….

  5. I was thinking the same thing! Most properties here are second homes and sfh’s don’t rent nightly.

  6. Not everyone that lives in Mammoth is rich or are millionaires. Normal average working folks live here too.

  7. Nice to read a genuine article, no BS made up fantasy title. Just real pictures and no outlandish story telling. Snowbrains needs to copy & paste this Author more often.

  8. More than likely, they’re not even there and don’t even know what’s happening to their houses

  9. GLAD I’m HERE, In San Diego County ] and NOT there, in Mammoth, right now —- But for those who want to GET THERE *from* here, easily, and with the least troubles from their traction devices [ chains or cables ] stop *HERE* first — http://www.snowtraction.com — GOOD ONya! and “Happy Trails” from the San Diego Highwayman [ SNOWCHAINS101 spoken and taught HERE! ]

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