[VIDEO] Standout Female Performance of The Year Nominee Alex Armstrong’s “Skier Rich” Episode 2 – Get Rich or Die Trying

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Alexandra Armstrong is a professional skier based out of Squamish, BC. Come along as Alex figures out what it means to be “Skier Rich” in this three-part series.

Alex got nominated for Stand Out Female Performance of the Year for this series.

Produced by Independent Together with RMU Outdoors.

Episode 2- Get Rich or Die Trying.

Featuring: Alex Armstrong, Sofia Forsman, and Kate Targett

Cinemetography: Max Horner, Graeme Meiklejohn, Shane Roy and Jeremy Allen

Edit: Max Horner

Color: Keenan Desplanques

Narration: Riley Leboe

Episode 3 dropping December 13th right here on the RMU Channel!

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