Alta, UT Report: “Opening Day” for 11,000′ Mt. Baldy & Main Chute

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Report from January 10, 2021

Main Chute on 11,068′ Mt. Baldy opened for the 1st time this season today—thank you Alta Ski Patrol.

Before that happened, we skied a run on High Rustler and it was phenomenally fun.

Smooth shaved ice chalk covered most of the run and the moguls were minimal.

The run was about as flat as I’ve ever seen it without fresh snow.

It was our first Hi-Boy of the season and it was a doozy.

After Hi-Boy we noticed people at the top of Main Chute on Mt. Baldy and ran up there.

Wildcat & Superior & SLC. image: snowbrains

The sun on the hike was hot making the breeze at the top very welcome.

We stumbled down the shale to the top of Main Chute and we were ecstatic at what we saw.

The chute was well filled in, smooth enough, and still chowdery.

Hiking up Mt. Baldy in the sunshine. image: snowbrains

We waited for the previous skier to clear the chute then skied it as hard as fast as we could.

The chute skied incredibly well and was downright fun.

Main Chute is a world-class couloir.

Mt. Baldy and Main Chute on the lookers right. image: snowbrains

We skied Main Chute twice in November 2020 before Alta closed to uphill traffic and it was great to get to ski again but this time with a lot more snow and without hitting a single rock 🙂

Oh, another favorite run today was right under the Collins Chair.

Mt. Superior backdrop. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers:

image: Alta, 1/10/21

Weather Forecast:

image: NOAA, 1/10/21


Farmin’! image: snowbrains
Alta Vista. image: snowbrains
Groomer shred. image: snowbrains
Groomer rippin’. image: snowbrains
Wildcat. image: snowbrains
Shred. image: snowbrains

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