-118ºF: Antarctica Experiences World’s Lowest Temperature Since 2017

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Antarctica, iceberg
Glaciers around Antarctica are at risk of melting – PC: Derek Oyen

The Concordia Research Station in Antarctica recorded a provisional low temperature of -117.76ºF (-83.2ºC) on July 25, marking the world’s lowest temperature in six years. The figure, still subject to official validation, was shared by Italy’s Antarctic Meteo-Climatological Observatory, along with data from the nearby Dome C II Automatic Weather Station, which also registered sub 112ºF (-80ºC) temperatures on July 24 and 25.

The Concordia Research Station, managed jointly by French and Italian scientists, is located roughly 685 miles (1,100 km) inland from Australia’s Casey Station, sitting at an elevation of approximately 10,607 feet (3,233 m) above sea level on the Antarctic Plateau. The station’s low-temperature reading is particularly remarkable, considering the last sub -117.4ºF (-83C) reading globally was in 2017.

The -117.76ºF (-83.2ºC) reading on July 25, if validated, would rank as the fifth-coldest daily value in the operational life of the Concordia Station, surpassed only by a handful of readings from 2010 and 2017, and marks a continuation of the Antarctic continent’s cooling trend.

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