FOR SALE: $75-Million Mansion in Aspen, CO, With Own Bowling Alley

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aspen, colorado mansion,
Seven bedroom mansion on 0.54-acres. Credit: Christie’s

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in Aspen, CO, here’s your opportunity––as long as you’ve got $75-million to drop.

This 20,740-square-foot single family home with seven bedrooms, seven full baths, and two partial baths was built in 2020. For those that also like their luxury extras, it also features indoor and outdoor pools, a hot tub, multiple water features, rec room with pool table, a five-car garage with a turntable, a gym, multiple fireplaces, a fully equipped home theater, an elevator, a bowling alley, and a full spa with a sauna, a steam room, a massage area and a lounge.

aspen, colorado mansion, bowling alley
Your own bowling alley. Credit: Christie’s

If you ever feel the need to leave your mansion, Aspen Snowmass ski resort is just a stones throw away. Unfortunatley $75-million isn’t enough to get you ski-in ski-out in Aspen.

Nearby neighborhoods include: East Aspen, The East End, Main Street Historic District, Central Core, Downtown, Aspen Historic District, Centennial and Smuggler.

Original listing courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate.

aspen, colorado mansion, pool table
Pool table for when you get bored of bowling. Credit: Christie’s
Credit: Christie’s
Credit: Christie’s
Credit: Christie’s

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One thought on “FOR SALE: $75-Million Mansion in Aspen, CO, With Own Bowling Alley

  1. To all the hard working resort town locals being overtaken by rich fucks everywhere here’s something to think about!
    Working at $20/hour full time/year round (2000 hours) it would take approximately 1875 YEARS to make enough to buy this house!!! And that’s only if you don’t pay any taxes or spend any of that money on anything whatsoever! Whoever ends up buying this house likely won’t even end up living in it most of the time. Just a little something to think about.

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