Aspen Snowmass, CO are Asking Us to #GiveAFlake and Join the Movement Against Climate Change

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Aspen Snowmass, CO just launched a social media campaign to encourage us all to do something about the threat that climate change has on our winters. Using the hashtag #GiveAFlake they are inviting us all to protect our passion and join the movement. On the website, they list numerous ways we can take action and make a difference…

What does it mean to Give A Flake? It means caring enough to back up your beliefs with action. So, when our business and your passion depends on snow and climate, we defend it. When our community is diverse in their ethnicities, sexual orientations, and belief systems, we stand up for tolerance. When our community faces challenges to its health and well-being, we Give A Flake, and we hope you do too. It’s time to take action. Join the Movement.#GiveAFlake

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Join the movement. Share your voice on Twitter by filling out the form below and contacting your elected official to ask them to Give A Flake, or thank the elected officials who have been champions of climate legislation.


Make the call to your elected officials and ask them to Give A Flake. Too intimidating? Well, we’ve made it easy for you. Click the links below (on the site…) and enter your information so Protect Our Winters can track down your elected officials. When you are ready, they will place the call and provide you with a script to follow so you have some great talking points. Call once or call every day. It’s time to make your voice heard!

aspen, aspen snowmass, skico, colorado, protect our winters, climate change, giveaflake
Aspen Snowmass are asking you to join the movement! Credit: Aspen


If you’re more of the snail-mail type, send an old-fashioned letter to your elected official. We prepared a letter to make it as simple as possible. Follow the steps below to contact your senator.

  1. Download and print this letter.
  2. Sign the letter with your name and location.
  3. Seal it in an envelope addressed to your senator. For a list of senators’ mailing addresses, click here.
  4. Mail it in!


Non-profit organizations working to advocate for the climate depend on your contributions now more than ever. It’s time to support the organizations doing critical work to advance climate solutions.

Our partner, Protect Our Winters, is mobilizing the outdoor sports community against climate change. Become a member and donate to POW today.

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