Antarctic Cold Front Bringing Multiple Feet of Snow to Resorts in Australia

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australia, snow
Dumping already! Credit: Falls Creek

The dry spell in Australia and New Zealand has come to an abrupt end with most Australian resorts getting dumped on yesterday, with much more to come in the forecast. Right now conditions are wild, but by the weekend the snow and conditions should be pretty sweet!

australia, snow
Credit: snowatch

A triple-whammy of cold fronts, bringing Antarctic air, have their sights set on resorts down-under and will be bringing multiple feet of snow along with cold, wind, and blizzard conditions. Australia appears to be getting the brunt of it, but New Zealand will not be left out.

Storm totals for many areas could exceed 3-feet, with some areas reporting upto a foot already. Hotham Alpine Resort, Perisher and Thredbo all reported 8″ this morning, and Falls Creek 6″.

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