Massive Inbounds Avalanche Destroys Quad Chairlift at La Hoya, Argentina

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La Hoya, Argentina, avalanche
An avalanche destroyed a quad chairlift at La Hoya, Argentina. Credit: Eqsnotas

A massive inbounds avalanche at La Hoya ski center in Argentina has destroyed a quad chairlift. Thankfully, with the resort being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, there were no casualties. However, it has not been ruled out that skiers or riders poaching lines were the cause.

The avalanche occurred in the area called the “Cañadón del Andino”. The Andes have seen unbelievable amounts of snow for this early in the season, 20-feet and more in some areas, and this combined with no staff at the resort for avalanche mitigation work, heavy rain, and the presence of backcountry skiers meant avalanche risk was high.

La Hoya made the decision at the end of May that they would not be opening for winter 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, following in the footsteps of Las Leñas who also declared they won’t be opening. As a result of this, there are also no staff at the resort either.

“…we are obligated to inform you that we will not be able open La Hoya ski resort for the 2020 winter season.”

La Hoya ski resort, 5/23/20

La Hoya, Argentina, avalanche
Credit: Eqsnotas

Despite repeated notices and warnings instructing people not to access the resort, which is closed to the public, many have still been tempted by the epic snowfall. The resort has made it clear that if these violations continue, complaints will be made to the corresponding state and judicial bodies against the persons who violate said prohibition.

La Hoya is a very legit little freeride mountain that is never crowded and has unreal side-country terrain.

Many refer to La Hoya as “the poor man’s Las Lenas.”

avalanche, trail map, la Hoya
La Hoya trail map. Credit: La Hoya

SnowBrains has spent our past 11 summers skiing at Cerro Catedral in Argentina – not far from La Hoya – and we are currently not planning on making the journey this season due to Coronavirus.

image: la hoya

Argentina as a whole has been on strict lockdown since March 20, 2020, and has canceled all internal and international commercial flight sales until at least September 1,  2020, due to the pandemic.

Credit:: La Hoya

The months of July, August, and September are prime ski season in the Andes. With flights put on hold for another 4 months, snow enthusiasts are worried that more resorts will follow Las Leñas’ decision to skip ski season this year.

Credit: La Hoya ski center, 5/23/20

Translation of the above:

“We wish to inform the public that due to factors outside of our control relating to the Coronavirus emergency that is requiring all persons to practice social distancing since March 20th, 2020, the prohibition of travel and the cessation of tourist activities mandated by the state authority; we are obligated to inform you that we will not be able open La Hoya ski resort for the 2020 winter season.”

La Hoya ski resort, 5/23/20

Map showing the location of La Hoya ski center, Argentina

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