Avalanche Engulfs Swiss Hotel While Guests are Eating

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Switzerland, hotel, avalanche
The avalanche burst through the hotel while guests were eating. Credit: Twitter

Three people were injured when an avalanche engulfed a Swiss hotel as heavy snow battered Europe’s ski resorts. The avalanche occurred at around 4pm on Thursday afternoon in the Schwägalp pass area, at the Hotel Säntis. Officials have confirmed all guests are accounted for.

Switzerland, hotel, avalanche
The power of the avalanche left cars unturned outside the hotel. Credit: EPA

One eyewitness told Tagblatt that he had stopped by the restaurant to grab a beer and read the paper when he saw the snow approaching.

He said: “There was a huge noise and a load of snow came in from the back of the restaurant.”

Switzerland, hotel, avalanche
A rescue worker takes a picture in front of a snow-covered bus at Santis-Schwaegalp mountain. Credit: REUTERS

The street in front of the hotel was completely buried with several cars and a bus under the snow and at least one person had to be dug out of the snow.

Switzerland, hotel, avalanche
Hotel Säntis, Switzerland

The incident comes as parts of Europe is battered by heavy snow which has left at least 17 dead.

Switzerland, hotel, avalanche
Three people were injured when huge amounts of snow crashed through into a dining area at Hotel Säntis in Schwägalp in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. Credit: Twitter
Switzerland, hotel, avalanche
All guests are accounted for. Credit: EPA

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