Man Survives Crushed Skull After Bear Attack in Alaska

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bear attack, Alaska,
Injuries suffered by Allen Minish following the bear attack. Credit: AP

Allen Dewitt Minish, age 61 of Chitna, AK, was surveying alone near MP 117 Richardson HWY about 190 miles northeast of Anchorage, approximately a half-mile off the roadway when he unknowingly walked upon an adult brown bear, reports the Anchorage Daily News.

The bear charged and attacked him causing puncture wounds and lacerations to his head. After a ten-second encounter, the bear left the area and there was no indication that the bear was harmed in the incident. Minish was left with a crushed jaw, a puncture wound to the bone in his scalp, lacerations, an eye patch, and many stitches after life-saving surgery.

The bear, in excess of 300lbs according to Minish, quickly charged through the trees. Minish’s only defense was his surveying pole which he pushed toward the bear to keep it away. Brushing that aside, the bear knocked him to the ground and bit him on his hand which was up in self-defense, and then his face, crushing his skull. The bear then walked away, presumably because it no longer felt under threat.

Minish managed to call 911 and used his own shirt to stem the flow of blood from his wounds. After being treated in hospital, he says he feels lucky, and that his mistake was being out there alone.

Chitna, Alaska

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