Bend, Oregon = Highest Brewery per Capita in USA + 463” of Snowfall per Year

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Mt. Bachelor ski resort, only 20-minutes from beer-crazed Bend, OR.
Mt. Bachelor ski resort, only 20-minutes from beer-crazed Bend, OR.

“Among cities in beer-crazy Oregon, Bend now has the most craft breweries per capita. Some locals have started calling this ‘Beer City USA.’ More breweries are opening soon.” – Seattle Times

Bend, Oregon now has 22 breweries (up from 17 in 2013), one great ski resort (Mt. Bachelor), & a population of 80,000.  That’s a brewery for every 3,636 humans in Bend.  Bend has the highest micro-brewery per capita in the nation and the title of ‘Beer City USA.’  This makes Bend an extremely attractive place to visit for all of us snow/beer freaks out there.

It doesn’t hurt that Mt. Bachelor averages 463” of snow each winter, either…

Mt. Bachelor saw 604″ of snowfall in 2016/17.

Bachelor has already gotten 130″ of snowfall this winter as of today’s date:  December 11th, 2017.

beer bend, or
Deschutes Brewery from Bend, OR cleaned up recieving 13 awards at the World Beer Awards in 2015

Bend is a special place for outdoor enthusiasts as its location on the edge of the mountains and the high desert allows for world class:  

  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • kayaking
  • whitewater rafting
  • hunting
  • hiking
  • rock climbing
  • mountaineering
  • spelunking
  • mountain biking
  • road biking
  • fishing
  • running

Not only are there a lot of breweries in Bend, but the Breweries in Bend are highly recognized on an international scale including 4 “World’s Best Beers” in 2015.

Mt. Bachelor, OR on opening day this season. November 15th, 2017. image: mt. bachelor


13 Deschutes Brewery Beers Awarded at

World Beer Awards in Europe in October, 2015:

 World’s Best Beer Rankings:

  1. Deschutes Not the Stoic = World’s Best Strong Dark Beer
  2. Deschutes River Ale = World’s Best Golden Pale Ale
  3. Deschutes Obsidian Stout = World’s Best Stout & Porter
  4. Deschutes Dopple Dinkle Bock = World’s Best Strong Wheat Beer
  5. Deschutes The Abyss = The Americas Best Imperial Stout
  6. Deschutes Mirror Mirror = The Americas Best Dark Barley Wine
  7. Deschutes Black Butte Porter = U.S.A’s Best Porter
  8. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA = U.S.A – IPA – Gold Medal
  9. Deschutes Chainbreaker WIPA = U.S.A – Strong Wheat Beer – Gold Medal
  10. Deschutes Twilight Summe Ale = U.S.A – Seasonal Pale Ale – Gold Medal
  11. Deschutes Zarabanda = U.S.A’s Best Herb & Spice Flavoured Beer
  12. Deschutes Cinder Cone Red = U.S.A – Amber Pale Ale – Bronze Medal
  13. Deschutes Dissodent = U.S.A – Oud Bruin – Bronze Medal

– Most Breweries per Capita in the USA (22 Breweries, 80,000 humans)

#7 Beer City in the USA according to CNN

– Deschutes Brewery = Currently the 8th Largest Micro-Brewery in the USA, 13th Largest Overall Brewery in the USA

– Bend has a trail specifically designed to take you to each Brewery in town:  the Ale Trail

– They Even Brew Beer for Dogs in Bend…  Dawg Grogg


Bend Ale Trail.
Bend Ale Trail.


  1. Deschutes
  2. BBC
  3. Silver Moon
  4. McMenamins
  5. 10 Barrel
  6. Boneyard
  7. Below Grade
  8. GoodLife
  9. Apothecary
  10. Crux
  11. Shade Tree
  12. Rat Hole
  13. Worthy
  14. Oblivion
  15. Bridge 99
  16. Platypus
  17. RiverBend
  18. North Rim
  19. Monkless
  20. Craft
  21. Fresh Tracks
  22. Kobold Brewing
Bend, OR in winter.
Bend, OR in winter.
Bend, OR in summer.
Bend, OR in summer.


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17 thoughts on “Bend, Oregon = Highest Brewery per Capita in USA + 463” of Snowfall per Year

  1. Thanks for the props! Technically Cascade Lakes is a Brewery in Redmond, but there are still 17 breweries in Bend when you include add Bridge 99. Cheers!

  2. There are over 24 breweries. You only listed the bigger ones. Quite a number of smaller ones. And we are also serious about our coffee, baked goods, bikes, art/artists, music. We have actually started the new American Renaissance before the rest of the country (to be fair there are other places in the US in the midst of a New Renaissance). But Mother Nature provides a unique blend of energy here that pervades everywhere. There are also an abundance of alternative healers/spiritual modalities here as well. GottaLoveBend! It’s 8 degrees F right now! But the sun is shinning.

  3. The gratitude I share for living in such a great town with so many great breweries cannot be fullyfelt when you do not include ALL central Oregon breweries in these articles. It seems a shame to credit some and not others…….Phat Matt’s has a huge production facility and has won many awards yet never mentioned? Let’s tell some beer stories here and give kudos to some of the little guys:)

  4. There are definitely more than 17 Breweries in Bend, and more in general if you consider broadening your horizons to all of Central Oregon – you credited Three Creeks but they are not in Bend they are located in Sisters, why not include Phat Matt’s and Shade Tree? Smith Rock Brewing in Redmond? Old Mill Brew Werks in Bend? Give the all the breweries some love!

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