The Best Thing Money Can Buy To Ensure a Great Winter in 2017/18:  The Mountain Collective

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The best thing money can buy to ensure you have a great winter 2017/18. The Mountain Collective.

The biggest concern of any snow sports enthusiast is whether they are going to get snow or not. Unfortunately, mother nature can make or break your winter trip, leaving you either shredding pow or dodging bare patches.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Introducing The Mountain Collective, an organization that has managed to put together something unique in the world of skiing and riding. With 16 destinations on board across North America, New Zealand, and Australia, as well as affiliates in Japan, Chile, and France, you need never miss out on the best conditions, just follow the storms.

tmc, pass, mountain collective, best winter
Aspen Snowmass, CO. Wherever the snow falls, you can be there. Credit: TMC Facebook

Here’s just why we believe The Mountain Collective is the best thing money can buy to ensure a great winter 2017/18:

1. Never worry about snowfall again

The Mountain Collective offers you access to a wide range of destinations, in varying mountain ranges, with different climates and elevations. You can guarantee at least one of these regions will get big snowfall this year. Is California having a dry spell? Head to Alta & Snowbird, Utah, the powder capitals of the world. Colorado not seeing the inches in February, head North to Canada and hit Revelstoke. With TMC you’ll always be able to choose a resort, at the last minute, based on their snow.

tmc, pass, mountain collective, best winter
Valle Nevado, Chile. If you don’t get your fill in the winter, TMC has you covered. Credit: TMC Facebook

2. La Nina / El Nino? Who cares, just go where there’s snow

The experts reckon there’s a good chance it could be a La Nina year this year. Two of the biggest snow seasons in recorded history in the Western USA were both La Nina years, with Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows receiving a record 852” in 2010/11. Whoever is getting dumped on, make that your destination. TMC will give you access to the best snow, wherever it is.

tmc, pass, mountain collective, best winter
Jackson Hole, WY. Use your frequent flyer points and head to Jackson. Credit: TMC Facebook

3. Follow the snow

California could have an awesome January, Utah an epic February, and Colorado an unbelievable March. If you have TMC then you’ll be able to follow the snow and hit every single powder stash going. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows in January, Alta & Snowbird in February, then spring skiing in Aspen Snowmass. If that’s not enough for you, fit Jackson Hole in and head north to Canada too. The possibilities are endless with TMC.

tmc, pass, mountain collective, best winter
Alta, UT. The best powder in the world. Or is it? You decide. Credit: TMC Facebook

4. World’s best ski destination? Decide for yourself

Your buddy back east swears Sugarbush is the bomb, your cousin in Utah claims the powder at Alta is unbeatable. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows and Mammoth got dumped on last year, Jackson Hole is famous for their steep terrain, and you grew up in Colorado so are biased towards Aspen Snowmass. Oh, and that French exchange student you hooked up with won’t hear a bad word said about Chamonix in the Alps. So which is the best? With the Mountain Collective you can ride them all and settle, once and for all, the question of ‘which is the greatest ski area there is?’

tmc, pass, mountain collective, best winter
Revelstoke, Canada. Credit: TMC Facebook

5. Japan? France? Yes please

So, you’re living life to the max, you’ve hit all the North American resorts on TMC and you don’t know how winter 2017/18 could get even better. Well, how about going on the adventure of a lifetime and riding the famous Chamonix, France, and the legendary powder of Niseko, Japan. Be the envy of all your friends and family, TMC gives you the unique opportunity to ski both Europe and Asia this winter. Could it get any better?

tmc, pass, mountain collective, best winter
Aspen Snowmass. Credit: TMC Facebook

6. Winter leaving you thirsty for more?

If come May 2018, you’ve not had enough face shots and powder days and still crave more, then head to Australia, New Zealand, and Chile. Coronet Peak/The Remarkables in New Zealand, and Thredbo Alpine Village, Australia, offer you the opportunity to ski all year round. And Valle Nevada, Chile, rounds off the destinations where you can get your snow fix during the summer months.

tmc, pass, mountain collective, best winter
Mammoth, CA saw record snowfall last La Nina. More of the same, please. Credit: TMC Facebook

7. Total flexibility

Batchelor(ette) party in LA? Recover at Mammoth. Barmitzvah in Reno in February? Go hit Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. A wedding in Denver in April, head out to Telluride. Conference in Salt Lake City? Make sure you get some laps in at Alta and Snowbird. Wherever your schedule takes you, it’s likely you’ll be near a TMC destination where you can get some quality recreation time.

tmc, pass, mountain collective, best winter
Is Utah the best place to ski? Try it out with Mountain Collective. Credit: TMC Facebook

8. Burn up those frequent flyer miles

If you’ve been accumulating those frequent flyer miles, we can think of no better way to take advantage of them than heading to a TMC destination to shred. Fly into Denver and head to Aspen, or land in Salt Lake City and get to Alta in no time at all. Or even put them towards a long haul to Japan or Australia. Free flights, coupled with TMC, equates to unbeatable value!

Nobody can say with any certainty what the weather holds in store for us this upcoming winter. The best thing you can do is buy The Mountain Collective and give yourself the option to head to wherever in the world has the best snow, and ensure you have a great winter 2017/18.



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