VIDEO: Bode Miller Crashes HARD & “Needs Surgery”

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Short video showing just the crash. [Full video below]

***UPDATE 5:30pm PST: “He underwent surgery to fix a torn right hamstring tendon and will miss the rest of the world championships.” – USA Today

Bode Miller, 37, took a vicious crash today during the Super-G in Beaver Creek today.  He sliced up his leg pretty bad and is going to need a lot of stitches.  He was absolutely charging when he crashed and had the lead by .06 seconds.

“He said his whole body really hurt. He said it felt like he got hit by a truck and he has this huge laceration on his calf. He said he’s going to need like 100 stitches, it’s a big cut.” – Travis Ganong, US Ski Team Member

Bode was able to walk off on his own power, but was clearly shaken up.  Bode is a true badass and if he feels like he got hit by a truck, then it was definitely a very hard hit.

Full video showing just how hard Bode was charging. The guy is a machine.

Bode’s status for the next race Sunday is uncertain at this point.  He headed to the Vail Valley Medical Center to have his injuries evaluated.

This was Bode’s first time racing in 11-months following a back surgery in November.   Last winter at the Sochi Olympics, Bode took home a Bronze Medal in Super-G becoming the oldest alpsine skier to ever win an Olympic medal.

Bode's large laceration today.  photo:  Brian Stemmle
Bode’s large laceration today. photo: Brian Stemmle

Hannes Reichelt won the Super-G race today.

Bode Miller's crash today.  photo:  la times
Bode Miller’s crash today. photo: Johann Groder / EPA / EXPA

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  1. Torn hamstring tendon is the report, had surgery, was a nasty gash prob more like gashed tendon like someone sliced him with a box cutter, “hamstringed” might b appropriate term

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