Boston Still Has a 12-Foot Tall Pile of Snow…

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A 12-foot-high mound of ice-encased trash is the last vestige of a record 110.6 inches of snow. Credit Katherine Taylor for The New York Times
A 12-foot-high pile of snow wrapped in trash in Boston. photo: Katherine Taylor for The New York Times

Boston got a record 110-inches of snow this past winter and they’re still dealing with some of the remnants of the powerful winter that was.  Boston’s Seaport district still has a 12-foot high pile of snow laying on the ground. 

It’s July and Boston still has snow from winter.  Crazy, right?

The Seaport district has 11 “snow farms” built to deal with the abundance of snow in Boston this past winter.  The 12-foot snow pile in the image above was once 75-feet tall and covered 4 acres.

In February, workers used heavy machinery at the "snow farm" in the Seaport district. Credit John Cetrino/European Pressphoto Agency
February image of the Seaport snow pile.  photo: John Cetrino/European Pressphoto Agency

Nowadays, the snow pile in Seaport is pretty funky.

“As it’s been melting, it’s gotten pretty gross.  Now it’s disgusting.”  Tim Pedersen, 28, an online ad salesman, who passes the snow farm on his way to work told the New York Times

Boston’s mayor is even taking bets via Twitter (#BOSMeltNow) to see who can guess when the Boston snow pile will finally be completely gone.

At this point, it appears that the old snow pile may well be around into September..  or longer.

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