Brain Post: Video of Crash Test Ski Dummies Hitting Trees Head-On for Science

SnowBrains | | BrainsBrains

“The study revealed that skiers wearing a helmet experienced at least two-thirds less force than those not wearing one.”

“At just 20 kilometers per hour, the head encounters nearly two tons of force if the skier is not wearing a helmet.”

“If you were to wear a helmet wearing seeing numbers about 36 G.  It’s tranquil in its context.  You’re perhaps going to have a headache, you’ll certainly going to have a bruise but no other significant injuries at all.  If you weren’t wearing a helmet, then the results we’re seeing are more like 106 Gs and that’s 3 times the effect.” – Mark Riddle, Transportation Research Laboratory

2 tons of force to the head?  106 Gs to the head?  No bueno.  This video shows crash test skiers hitting trees head on with and without helmets.  The numbers they get from video are great for us all to contemplate.

If you don’t wear a helmet, it’s time to start.

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