Brighton BUYS Solitude in Utah | Will They Connect? Probably…

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Solitudes bird and Brighton's snowflake together at last
Solitudes bird and Brighton’s snowflake together at last

Independent Skier Magazine is reporting that Brighton Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah (owned by Boyne USA) just bought their neighboring ski resort Solitude.  These two ski resorts are a stone’s throw away from each other and it’s very common for people to ski from one to the other.

If Brighton now owns Solitude, it only makes sense to connect the two ski resorts.  The two resorts are already essentially connected via the Sol-Bright trail.  It goes from the top of Brighton’s Milly lift to the Solitude base area.  To get back you take the Backdoor trail from the top of Solitude’s Summit lift to the Sol-Bright Trail.  You can even buy a Sol-Bright pass that works at both resorts.

Brighton Trail Map
Brighton Trail Map

Solitude has 1,200 acres and averages 500 inches of snow per year.  Brighton has 1,050 acres and averages 500 inches of snow per year.  Combining the two resorts would make for a large ski resort by American standards with one heck of a lot of snow. Some of the best terrain in Big Cottonwood Canyon is between Solitude & Brighton.

Solitude trail map
Solitude trail map

We like to get more confirmation of this news, but if true, it will be very interesting to see what happens here.

Massive news from Utah. Solitude Ski Resort sold to the owners of Brighton Resort (Boyne USA). Will both mountains become connected? Stay tuned to independent Skier for updates and more info as it becomes available.  – Independent Skier Magazine

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