California Went From Zero Snow To Looking Pretty Good Last Week:

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What a difference a week can make. Image: NOAA Sacramento, CA

California’s snowpack has changed drastically changed in the past week. A couple snow storms dropped a few feet of snow on the mountains and got ski season rolling.

“What a difference one week can make! Last Sunday much of NorCal was blanketed in smoke from multiple wildfires. Today, fires are no longer burning, and the snow capped mountains are visible from space.”

– NOAA Sacramento, CA Yesterday

Current snow cover in the USA. Image: Intellicast

The map above depicts the current snow cover in the United States. As you can see, northern California has a solid base going. A week ago, that snow was essentially non-existent.

Look for this snow cover to improve, as 1-3 FEET of snow is forecasted to fall in California later this week.

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