Candide Thovex Skiing Dangerously Through Trees

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We all know that Candide is amazing in park, amazing on the big mountain, amazing at ski resorts, and now we have videographic evidence that he’s amazing in trees.  We suspect that some/most of these shots are sped up.  Nevertheless, Candide can mob through trees.

It’s fun to watch how hard Candide charges in marginal conditions.  I think this season we can all take a tip from his style.  Even if it’s not great out, you can still push it and get faster.

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2 thoughts on “Candide Thovex Skiing Dangerously Through Trees

  1. First those conditions were not marginal, looked pretty good. Second, charging its cool and all but seriously it is not worth getting hurt over. Wait til it all lines up you young hungry hucksters. Skiing has a lot of patience and calculation, don’t be an idiot

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