Candy Rock = One of the Best Cliff Jumping Spots in California

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If you are feelin’ crazy enough to jump Candy Rock, make sure you’re on it. The margin for error is slim-to-none.  The gainer the guy throws in the video above is absolutely impressive…and insane.  He appears to only clear the rocks by a couple feet.

this video shows some great rock sliding & some behind the waterfall action at 3:30

Candy Rock is a dangerous paradise that calls to anyone who appreciates the outdoors and a bit of adventure.  If you do find it, be careful and have fun.

Candy Rock Trip Report from April 2015:

The Best Swimming Holes in California: Candy Rock

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19 thoughts on “Candy Rock = One of the Best Cliff Jumping Spots in California

  1. If there is one thing the internet has certainly ruined, it is remote camping, fishing and swimming spots!! Maybe if people stop posting gainer videos followed by directions to these locations city punks wouldnt spray paint everything? SMH

  2. Wow… Just got back from a couple nights camping at Candy Rock. The trail is a mess, we filled two garbage bags full of cans and bottles and there is graffiti spray painted everywhere. Disgusting. What was once the ultimate playground is now being frequented by kids that don’t give a rats ass about nature. What a shame. You know what, kids? You ain’t cool- you are just fools.

  3. Been camping at Candy Rock for over 35 years and still make it up there once a year. Used to be a laid back place but the last ten years or so have seen a huge increase in weekend day trippers with their beer bottles and grafitti paint- no respect! The first day of our trips alway find us hiking up and down river filling garbage bags full of trash left behind.

    Cans only, kids… And pack out what you pack in. And please save the paint for the buildings in the cities you came from.

  4. I’m curious if anyone could give me some directions to Candy Rock I haven’t been in years and don’t want to get lost. Thank you!!

  5. Hey mdskier there is no such place as Washington cliffs or mushroom hole. Nobody needs to know about those. I hear that’s where they filmed Deliverance anyway

  6. South Fork and Middle Fork of Yuba and the American Rivers also
    have great swimming holes.

  7. When would you say is the best time to make the trek out there? Early summer (June) or late (Aug/Sep)? Thank you!

    1. Hey Brandon, I’d guess that the earlier the better this year. Creeks will be drying up quick this summer.

      On a normal year, I’d guess that July/August would be best after things warm up a bit.


  8. I was just on here to see what the internet says about our favorite watering hole, and to my surprise there’s a vid of me doing a gainer on it. It definitely is gnarly, I would suggest swimming in the hole prior to jumping (especially diving head first) because there are some logs that do shift around with the early spring snow melt. And don’t do gainers unless you know what you’re doing… My average miss distance from the rock is only about 3 feet…. I’ve had to make rescues there from people not paying attention, and the only way out for many is by helicopter.

  9. I was just there a couple weeks ago with a bunch of friends… we go annually, and it never disappoints.

    1. Hey, if you go on google maps there’s a way to pinpoint the exact location of a place by right clicking, is it by any chance possible for you to pass it on?? Thanks!!!!

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