China Peak Mountain Resort, CA, to Crack Down on Illegal Marijuana Use at Resort

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China Peak marijuana crack down. Credit: China Peak FB page

China Peak Mountain Resort, CA, took to social media over the weekend to crack down on marijuana use at the resort.

Complaints from guests lead to the Instagram Story PSA, with the resort saying that ‘starting now’ there will be staff in the parking lots and on lifts “to ensure that we are all obeying the rules.”

Guests found not abiding by the rules will be removed from the resort, without question, and may risk having their season pass voided for the remainder of the season.

Recreational marijuana use is legal in California. However, as the resort is 100% on United States Forest Service federal land it must operate by the Federal rules. The use and possession of marijuana is illegal under federal law for any purpose.


china peak, trail map
China Peak Mountain Resort trail map.

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3 thoughts on “China Peak Mountain Resort, CA, to Crack Down on Illegal Marijuana Use at Resort

  1. Don’t smoke it eat it yo it lasts way longer and gives a total body high instead.
    And hey cigarettes arent bad for you at all and fully legal on federal owned land so you can roll some weed up in your home rolled cigarettes n smoke real wacky tobacky and no one will never know.

  2. So the freedom loving CA folks that complain about government overreach on COVID protocols are usually pretty quiet on the federal devil’s lettuce rules. I wonder why?

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