Cody Townsend Brings Us Something Different in “Conquering the Useless”

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Our buddy Cody Townsend just sent this over.  We know he spent a lot of time in Canda/Alaska camping, snowmobiling, causing trouble, and ripping enormous lines this past spring.  He did something new by avoiding the classic pro skier heli thing and for that we have to tip our cap.  We can’t wait to see this movie.

“This year was a bit different. Some of the hardest decisions of my skiing life were made this year. I set out on a different path, into uncharted territory. Seeking new horizons, new approaches and new mountains, it provided me with some of the biggest challenges I’ve dealt with and because of that, some of the greatest experiences. All told, as a note to my followers, I set out to produce a movie this year with some close friends. It’s probably not what you’re used to seeing of me, but I do hope you’ll enjoy it.” – Cody Townsend

About “Conquering the Useless”:

“There is far more to skiing than just skiing. Life, death, family, friends, endless fun and a sport that takes you to the furthest reaches of the globe are a part of what makes a life centered around skiing so special. Conquering the Useless is a story about this full scope of skiing. From a family centered around mountains to going deep into the unknown, this documentary style film tells a story about a relationship with the mountains, the friends and family created between them and the endless challenges they provide. Shot on location in Revelstoke, Bella Coola, and the Boundary Mountains on the border of Alaska and Canada.” – Conquering the Useless

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